Varis was a different child in the small village to which he was born. No one knows his full story, as he never knew his real parents. During his childhood he was raised by a priest in a tiny church.

As he grew older he started to show some magical abilities that scared the other villagers.
He then began to develop a scale like skin on his arms and chest, which made the simple people from a wild village to think he was a curse from the gods; a sign of bad luck and suffering for those who were around. Facing hostility and even threatened, not understanding why, he run away and chose a secluded life. Trying to better understand his gift and find balance and peace. The isolated life taught him to speak briefly, listen closely and keep secrets to himself. After living alone in the woods for some time, he has returned to the city to try to find his family and traces of his story.

Despite being a good person, his aura is dark and mysterious. He always covers almost all body, afraid of being judged. What can be seen, is his grey skin, golden eyes and white hair.


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