He joined the army at a young age, and worked hard to hone his skills and become a member of the palace guard. (Hence the fancy breastplate and cloak)

Ander was really devoted to his job and believed in his king greatly.

The king he was supposed to guard was given a prophecy by an oracle about a ‘great civil war’ that would tear his kingdom apart.

The king committed heinous crimes to try and prevent this catastrophe, killing anyone that criticized his rule, burning any village that ‘dissented’ in the name of peace. In the end it came to light that the ‘prophecy’ wasn’t about about a war. it was about the royal family being killed by the rebellion of their own army and people and he lied to justify his attempts at preserving his own life. In the end after the lie was exposed the royal family was killed in retaliation fulfilling the prophecy anyway. (exact prophecy unsure and this part could use work, but I want Ander to have a distrust of knowing the future). The royal guard after learning of the falsehood did not try and stop it.

Ander left the kingdom after learning of the lie and learned of the quick ousting of the royal famil while drinking in an ale house. He was disillusioned with everything in life and harboring a distaste for prophecy, only caring about where he would sleep or drink next. He fell asleep by a river one night, and woke up in the strange land he now finds himself, not really bothered by it since this world still had food and drink he set off for the nearest town…


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